Public contract – offer

12 October 2020

About partnership

By providing gadgets (laptop, smartphone, iPad – hereinafter referred to as “gadget”) for children from needy families and those left without parental care, we (Connect-Ed) understand that it is also necessary to track their use by children for educational purposes. But our mission doesn’t end there. 

It is important to further support parents and schoolchildren both in the use of gadgets and in digital literacy. To this end, the Connect-Ed team plans to introduce scheduled and unscheduled checks on the use of equipment for its intended purpose. The check will take place by the following methods:

1. Recipients of equipment will sign a document stating that the provided digital gadget will be used by schoolchildren for educational purposes and will not be transferred to third parties

2. Recipients will regularly send photo or video reports (once every 3-6 months), depending on the requests of the team to provide such a report. Reports will be requested for two years after receiving the gadget

3. The Connect-Ed team may periodically (quarterly) contact parents to inquire about the use of the gadget. This will be provided for the purpose of monitoring technical problems, if any. We need this item since the gadget is actively used and brings value to both the family and the child and is utilized for learning and development purposes.

4. Persons who received the equipment (beneficiaries) undertake to take online lessons or webinars on digital literacy, which will cover topics such as “How to use a laptop”, “How to use Microsoft Word and Google cloud services”, “How to connect a gadget to the Internet”, etc. It is recommended to connect to such online lessons through the gadget that was provided to the family.

The above are possible methods for controlling the use of gadgets. The Connect-Ed team reserves the right to unilaterally amend them as needed.Director Kordanova G.
Public Fund “Сonnect-Ed”