Our mission

We seek to provide equal educational opportunities to uplift every child

How Connect-Ed started

The idea to start the project was inspired by education activists Gulnaz Kordanova and Daniyar Kusainov during quarantine, on April 8, 2020. They stayed at home 24/7 due to lockdown of COVID-19 and realized how important it is to have access to technology in order to keep working and be connected to the community. In fact, even in 2020, having a personal computer at home and stable access to the Internet and technology is still a privilege. Our initiative was immediately supported by the Soros Foundation-Kazakhstan, which allocated funds from a special reserve to help the most vulnerable groups of the population: among them are children left without access to computers and technologies. Our team consists of active enthusiasts who care about Educational equality: Gulnaz, Daniyar, Tomas, Nessie, Alikhan, Daniel, Nurtas, and Gaukhar.

Gulnaz Kordanova

Education specialist. Conducts our negotiations with partners and is responsible for the project strategy

Daniyar Kussainov

Research and development specialist. Conducts our negotiations with donors and is responsible for fundraising

Tomas Akynov

IT specialist. Developed our platform and is responsible for all technical issues

Nessie Kozhakhmetova

Partner and Donor Relations Specialist

Daniel Zhaxylyk

Marketing specialist. Responsible for the optimization of processes in marketing and SMM

Nurtas Tasin

Research and Development Specialist

Zaiida Nasyr


Gaukhar Aliyeva

Partner and Donor Relations Specialist

Alikhan Serikbolov

Design specialist. Prepares visuals for our social media, branded products and website

Our volunteers

Balerka Alimkhanova

Physics teacher. Helps with translation into Kazakh

Elmira Abdualieva

Helps with social media promotion and copywriting

Balnur Tazhikhan

Helps with project promotion and translation issues

Aydana Sultan

Helps with digital literacy courses for children and parents

Maria Zhumabayeva

Translator. Helps translate text into English and Russian

Mukhamedzhan Zholdybai

Helps with the translation into Kazakh language of texts for social networks

Kundyz Mukhtar

Helps with translation of texts into Kazakh language on social networks

Edige Kinayat

Helps with filming videos for our website and social networks

Altynai Maralbekkyzy

Helps with translations of texts from Russian into Kazakh

Aru Kadyrova

Helps with translations of texts for the website, social networks and documentation

Ayaulym Torebekkyzy

Helps with digital literacy courses for children and parents

Akezhan Meirkhanov

Helps develop digital literacy programs