Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you doing this?

We grew up in ordinary families, studied in simple regional schools. Some of our relatives do not have access to computers and limited opportunities for teaching their children remotely. We remember well this long-awaited moment - the purchase of the first computer. First internet access. We believe that if then our relatives did not provide us with a computer, everything would have turned out a little differently. In recent years, we often pass our old equipment and smartphones on to our younger relatives, because not everyone has the opportunity to buy it. When we were locked at home during quarantine, we came to the conclusion that those who have a separate study/work room, computer, smartphone and stable Internet are indeed privileged. We also learned that 300,000 children have no opportunity to learn. This is a huge number of schoolchildren who will lag behind in the program from their peers who are more fortunate.

What's your goal?

We launched the Connect-Ed initiative with only one big goal - to help those less fortunate than us. Unfortunately, to this day it is a privilege to have a computer, a smartphone, and access to quality education. We want every child to have such opportunities.

How will your project become sustainable?

We often think about this. Until there is a steady stream of donations from companies and the public, all work can be supported by the efforts of volunteers. If there are monthly donations, even 1,000 tenge from 10 people, this will allow maintaining the hosting of the platform and covering part of the volunteers` transportation costs. We are happy to partner with companies, both large and small, to help school children in need with distance learning while safely discarding computers, tablets and phones.

Why can you be trusted?

We report to each donor on the funds spent. Many of those who donated their equipment or transferred money are our friends and acquaintances who are sure that everything will reach the final addressee - the child. You can see all the statistics - hundreds of people have already contributed and trust us.

How can I get the equipment?

If you are from a needy family that does not have the opportunity to purchase a computer for your child at your own expense, then you need to go to the website of our partner - the Mutual Help Center - Fill out an application and after processing it, the partners provide us with a list of families. Then, on a first-come, first-served basis, and as the equipment arrives, we send it by courier service.

I have completed an application on the website. Nobody contacts me. What should I do?

Просим подождать, т.к. волонтерами обрабатывается большое количество заявок и затем запрашиваются подтверждающие документы с вашей стороны.

How long can I wait for help from you?

This is very difficult to predict. At least you will have to wait for about a month. Much depends on how actively donations from benefactors will be received. We, in turn, try to deliver the equipment to you as soon as possible.

The state should solve this problem, not activists!

There are non-profit organizations and charitable foundations that help people in all countries, even in the richest and most socially protected states. Aid from the state does not always come quickly, since the state apparatus is a large and complex structure. Foundations help the state to solve emerging problems faster and pay the attention of the state apparatus to existing problems of society more effectively. Thus, we, as Connect-Ed, can help the state and people to quickly cope with the problem of digital inequality in Kazakhstan. In addition, charity is also important because it unites strangers, helps to trust each other, cooperate and help out in difficult situations, forming civic consciousness.

How can I support you?

The simplest thing is to tell about us. You can also donate your equipment (it is important that the equipment is in working order) by filling out an application on our website . Another option is to donate money through the GoFundMe platform. If you have free time and ideas on how to improve the project, we will always be happy to hear from you. Write to us at, or via our social networks on Instagram, Facebook.