What have we already done

With your help over 1000 children are now have access to study remotely

Why it is important

Here is the analytical date on our beneficiaries
Even 1,000 tenge can contribute to digital equality in Kazakhstan

Families that received support

Our team is in touch with children and their parents to provide full support. We not only provide equipment, but teach how to use them. Our digital literacy courses are for both kids and adults.

- My favorite subject is history. It seems to me that in history you also need to use a computer.
- Why is a computer important in studying history?
- There is not much information in the textbook. You can find out a lot more on the Internet, for example, about the Paleolithic and ancient people.

Bekzat, 7th grade

My dream is to contribute to the digitalization of the world so that everyone can use technology. And I also want to do charity work so that other people do not suffer from poverty and hunger.

Daulet, 8th grade

If I were a school principal, I would like to have an interactive whiteboard in every class. To make our study more interesting, and to watch videos

Lenara, 3rd grade

How do we help?

We provide

New or used laptops, smartphones, tablets

We provide free courses for schoolchildren and their parents

We teach how to navigate in digital World

Launch of educational courses

Digital Literacy Course for Adults and Children
With our courses you will learn about Digital World and gain digital skills

With your help, Connect-Ed can help bridge the digital divide in Kazakhstan

You can help by donating equipment or supporting us financially