Our accomplishments

300,000 children in Kazakhstan do not have a personal computer. This is 10% of the total number of students in the country. Of these, 20,000 children in the Almaty region were left without opportunities for full-fledged distance learning. That is why the "Connect-Ed" initiative aimed at overcoming digital divide was launched.

Connect-Ed (from English “connect” - link and “Ed” abbreviated from “education”) is a Kazakhstani initiative of activists from educational field, which aims at making a contribution to overcome the digital divide through collecting, buying and distributing laptops and other equipment among schoolchildren in need - primarily those with special educational needs and without parental care.

The initiative is implemented with the support of Soros Kazakhstan Foundation.

To date, the project team has donated 136 equipment.

Of these, 41 laptops were distributed among the winners of the essay contest “Оқудың менің өмірімдегі маңызы. Роль учебы в моей жизни. The Role of Studying in My Life”, conducted jointly with the Education Department of Almaty region. The geography of the winners of the competition includes the following areas: Zhambyl, Koksu, Kerbulak, Alakol, Aksu, Karasai, Balkhash, Ili, Rayimbek, Enbekshikazakh, as well as the cities of Taldykorgan, Tekeli and Kapchagay.