We teach in a convenient format

Each lesson is a video lecture for 5-10 minutes

We test understanding after each module

Students take tests on the skills they have acquired

We control the learning process

We monitor the training and give statistics on the results of the student

Students pass final test and present their work

Students receive a certificate of completion

“Good evening. Sorry for texting late; I wanted to thank you for explaining everything to my son. He understood everything, explained to me, and now he is inviting friends to the conference. Everything is intelligible and, most importantly, friendly. If only they treated children and explained to them at school just like this, thank you.”


“Your course was very informative, and I learned a lot! The course is very useful. I recommend it to everyone!”

4th grade student

Thank you, girls. Good luck to you. We’re very grateful that you’re willing to share your knowledge with children.