Fishing rod for children!

We make a contribution to overcome the digital divide through the collection, purchase and distribution of laptops and other equipment among schoolchildren in need, primarily for those with special educational needs and without parental care.

Can you help Kazakhstani children get what they haven’t received?

I don't have unused equipment but I want to support you!


Our goal is to collect by the end of 2020 1,000 units of computer equipment from companies and the population of Almaty and distribute them among students in need.

Why we do what we do?

We strive to ensure that all students in our country have the necessary resources to continue distance and online learning.

In 2020, every child should be able to receive quality education. The crisis caused by COVID-19 has shown that not all children have equal opportunities. It is in our hands to make this world a little fairer and help Kazakhstani schoolchildren get what they have not received.

To date, Connect-Ed has donated 136 equipment to children from different parts of the Almaty region.

How do we work?

We will overcome the digital divide in education together!

You are filling out an application.

We will contact you to clarify the details.

The courier takes away your computer (machinery, equipment).

Or you bring it to us yourself.

We perform cleaning and set up the computer.

If necessary, we purchase additional components for the full operation of the equipment.

We distribute laptops among children in need.*

*At the initial stage, the collection of computers from companies and the population is limited geographically to the city of Almaty. The list of children in need will be formed in cooperation with the Department of Education of Almaty Region and other partners. You can also contact us to inform about students in need, we will do everything to give each child access to digital technology.

Connect-Ed has donated 140 equipment to children from different parts of Kazakhstan.

Hundreds of thousands of schoolchildren across Kazakhstan suffer from limited access to technical equipment. Today, more than ever before, they need a computer and access to Internet. Without this, they will continue to experience enormous learning limitations. We are striving to ensure that ALL our country's children have access to resources for education that will prepare them for a brighter future.
With your help, we can do it!

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