Who did we help?

On this page you can find out information about children who have received equipment through our platform.
We also publish data on benefactors - those who donated their equipment, participated in crowdfunding, or sent money directly to us.

Transparency and accountability

One of the fundamental principles of our charity work is absolute transparency and accountability. We are grateful for every tenge and every piece of equipment. You are our heroes. Our task is to continue to inspire confidence in you and prove our reliability in practice.

We express deepest gratitude to you for supporting us. This gives us strength to move forward. Our team works to ensure that children have the opportunity to learn remotely. Sometimes we think it is easier to just give up, but the happy eyes of children and words of gratitude from their parents and guardians, the dedicated work of our volunteers and each time a new is laptop “obtained” - all of this gives a huge boost of energy and belief that only together can we achieve justice in education and digital equality.

How can you help?