Connect-Ed team has donated 174 equipment

56 tablets

111 laptops

7 smartphones

There are 831 pieces of equipment left until the end of 2020

To date, the project team has donated 169 equipment.

Of these, 41 laptops were distributed among the winners of the essay contest “Оқудың менің өмірімдегі маңызы. Роль учебы в моей жизни. The Role of Studying in My Life”, conducted jointly with the Education Department of Almaty region. The geography of the winners of the competition includes the following areas: Zhambyl, Koksu, Kerbulak, Alakol, Aksu, Karasai, Balkhash, Ili, Rayimbek, Enbekshikazakh, as well as the cities of Taldykorgan, Tekeli and Kapchagay.